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  2. Because don't we all love spending less?
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Those points quickly add up to free gift cards for stores like Amazon or cash back in your PayPal account.

Honey (company)

From there, you can move it to your bank and get actual cash or use it for savings , shopping or anything else. For those who do a mix of online and offline shopping, Shopkick is a top money-saving app to know about. You can earn rewards points, called Kicks, from a wide range of activities.

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Some options include walking into a physical store, buying eligible items and uploading your receipt, shopping at online partner stores and watching online videos. However, if you were going to the store anyway or buying an item anyway, you might as well save a few bucks through gift cards to stores like Amazon, Starbucks and Target. And if you were just looking for a reason to get out of the house, getting rewards for just walking in the door and finding specific products on the shelf no purchase required is good motivation.

Honey is a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers that helps you save money by automatically applying coupon codes at the checkout stage of online shopping. Sorry Internet Explorer users, you have to upgrade to something better to use Honey - Chrome is a solid choice for most Web users. With Honey installed, you will see a popup in the checkout phase at any eligible online store.

Because don't we all love spending less?

Just click the popup and Honey will try out all known coupon codes and automatically apply the best one. Wikibuy is a browser plugin app like Honey and is available for Chrome and Firefox. An iOS version is available for iPhone users, and the site claims an Android version is in development. For coupon savings in the shopping cart, Wikibuy looks to be more powerful than Honey in many aspects, but in testing, it did not always work as reliably.

But if you do find Wikibuy to be a good fit for your browser, it has more supercharged saving features beyond coupons. Going to the Wikibuy website gives you options to shop by store or buy the product for savings and points that can be redeemed for gift cards or a big list of products.

While it sounds like a ride in the Arabian Desert, CamelCamelCamel has nothing to do with the humpbacked animal. This money-saving app is a price tracking tool for Amazon. Through the website or browser extension, users get access to charts and details of price history for virtually every product listed for sale on Amazon.

Unlike big box retail stores, Amazon prices change constantly. Comparing current prices to past trends helps you know if you would get a good deal buying today or if you should hold off until the price comes back down to average. If you shop regularly at Amazon, this can lead to huge savings. Sunday paper coupons and deals still show up for subscribers, but fewer and fewer people get a newspaper, so they have to look elsewhere for coupons.

For the digital generation, Ibotta is the new version of grocery store coupons.


Does the Honey Browser Extension Work?

Pull up the app before you go shopping or in the store if you forgot to review deals ahead of time. Browse by popularity or grocery department to find savings on items you would buy anyway. Log In Sign up. Honey automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout.

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